staircase design new build

Unless you are a serial self-builder, building your own home can be one of the most challenging, stressful, time-consuming, but ultimately rewarding, projects you undertake in your entire life.

At the very beginning you have empty space, white paper, hundreds of ideas – and your staircase(s) – all vying for position in your property; arranging these ideas on paper to optimise your space and create a home that works for your family is the tricky part.

Bisca’s Concept Design Service can help you visualize your new staircase or balustrade, even if you are still at planning stage. Getting us involved early in your project allows us to work with your project team to ensure an impeccable staircase installation when the property is ready for it.

You also have the option of staggering installation of the staircase and having the stair steel structure fitted early in the build – which has the advantage of providing sound and safe access to upper levels for your site team. When the builders are nearing completion and the risk of damage is minimised, we would return to clad and finish the staircase when you are ready.

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