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Ornate Balustrade | Nouveau vs Deco

Ornate Balustrades: Art Deco or Art Nouveau? Art Deco and Art Nouveau are both design movements, but many people get confused between the... Read More >

Staircase Tips | Understanding Landings

Understanding Landings: What you need to know when thinking about a new staircase. The Oxford English Dictionary defines landings as the “level area... Read More >

Best Staircase for your Budget | Choosing Staircases

Choosing Staircases - How to get best staircase for your budget Aristotle famously said that the whole is greater than the sum of... Read More >

Concrete vs Steel Staircases | Choosing Staircases

Choosing between concrete and steel stair structures Richard McLane summarises the key elements of concrete vs steel stair structures. Cost When budgeting for... Read More >

Metal Balustrades | Wrought Iron Misunderstood

Any Old Iron? The first thing Bisca try to find out from a client asking for a Wrought Iron balustrade, is what they... Read More >

Open Staircases & Children

Are open staircases safe for small children and infants? This is a question we get asked on a regular basis. The simple answer... Read More >