Safety First | Chainsaw Training

Chainsaw Training for Workshop Craftsmen

In a month that started off with snow, and temperatures that varied from 1 degree with sleet to 24 degrees under cloudless blue skies, we were very lucky to pick a perfect day for our chainsaw training.

A refresher for some, and completely new to others, the day was both fun and informative, as great training days usually are.

Last year Bisca won Build It Awards and Northern Design Awards with our rustic tread staircase. The treads for this staircase were carved, with a chainsaw, by one of our incredibly talented craftsmen, before being painstakingly hand finished.

The classroom session was backed up by hands on practice – and anyone down Sawmill Lane would have heard the latter in progress.

The HSE produce a useful leaflet on hand held power tools including petrol driven chainsaws for anyone interested or thinking about chainsaw training.