Stair Remodelling and Stair Replacement Case Studies

Our before & after stair remodelling and replacement gallery shows the huge difference a new staircase or balustrade can make to your property. From simply replacing outdated timber spindles with a new balustrade, to replacing the whole staircase itself, these transformations speak for themselves.

The use of space is as important as the staircase itself. Our designers often suggest alternatives to the way the space is laid out plans. Bisca will worked with your architect to either move the the location of a staircase, or change the layout to make the best use of the space within the flow of the property.

This before & after page will be updated with new projects as we get them photographed.

3502 Harrogate


3502 (Before) - Bisca


3502 (After) - Bisca

Bisca were called in to look at this rather awkward, angular concrete builders staircase (left) in a prestigious new build. Apart from the fact it was too mean and small for the space, it had been cast so that it clipped the door entry; the going was too short, rendering it uncomfortable in use, and any attempt to clad the bare concrete on the landings would have made both landings non compliant with building regulations. We had no alternative but to rip it out and replace with an elegant semi-helix of English Oak and hand forged, formed and textured steel. Mention project 3502 for more info.