Apartment Staircase, Newcastle

>Apartment Staircase, Newcastle
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Apartment Staircase, Newcastle

Apartment Staircase of Oak and Tulip Wood

Our clients wished to replace their spiral apartment staircase with a new curved stair.

To make the most of the space, we designed a helical stair flowing down into the entrance hall. Treads of oak are married with tulip wood risers before staining with F&B Ammonite.

The handrail is clad with black leather and caps a low iron glass balustrade.

The gorgeous carpet runner features a bamboo border and hand made to order by Concept Hand Tufting.

If you think you have to have a spiral staircase because of issues with space, think again. Bisca frequently manage to create a helical staircase in a space designed for a spiral.

For more information on this apartment staircase, please quote reference 5366.
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