Bespoke Cantilever Stair, Maidenhead

>Bespoke Cantilever Stair, Maidenhead
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Bespoke Cantilever Stair, Maidenhead

Bespoke cantilever stair of walnut and glass.

A structural glass wall was also part of our brief and supports the mid section of the staircase. The wall has the effect of keeping the space as open as possible, whilst allowing light to flood into the corridor beyond. Concealed steel structures support the lower and upper stair sections to achieve a staircase that appears to float.

Luxurious walnut treads provide a warm contrast to the crisp white walls and laminated low iron glass balustrades.

Cosmetic walnut tread ends with continuous grain conceal the balustrade connections. These tread ends, with the famed Bisca attention to detail create the appearance of treads passing through glass.

To obtain a guide price for your own staircase or balustrade based around this design or using similar materials, please quote ref 3530.
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