Bespoke Corian Staircase, New York

>Bespoke Corian Staircase, New York
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Bespoke Corian Staircase, New York

World's First Ever Corian Staircase

A Corian staircase for a new build on the banks of Hudson River in New York. Predominantly made of Corian and steel wire, the 3-flight stair is a key feature in the house. The central bottom flight leads to a landing, before 2 shorter flights go up to the gallery.

Bisca also designed and installed the landing gallery balustrade.

Watch a video of this staircase being made in our workshop in Helmsley by clicking on the Movie Channel" tab or on our You Tube Channel. Bisca were the first staircase company to experiment using Corian as a tread material. We now have extensive experience on the structural possibilities and characteristics in manufacture.

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