Bespoke Helical Staircase, Yorkshire

>Bespoke Helical Staircase, Yorkshire
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Bespoke Helical Staircase, Yorkshire

Bespoke helical staircase for new build property in North Yorkshire.

We were called in by the interior designer of this prestigious new build property when problems with the builder’s concrete staircase became apparent. The builder unfortunately not made any allowance for cladding the 3 flight staircase, and to do so would have put all flights outside building regulations.

The rather mean concrete staircases were confined and compressed into a corner of the property, were uncomfortable in use and terminated abruptly at the foot.

Unfortunately due to the original layout, and non conformity with building regulations, we had no alternative but to rip out the main staircase. On a more positive note we were able to make changes to the landings of the other flights to make them compliant with building regulations.

Our objective for the feature staircase was to create a design that has presence and a degree of gravity at the foot of the main ground to first floor staircases, with flared treads and generous curves.

We achieved this by a bespoke helical staircase design of pale English Oak, in keeping with the flooring in the property. The treads were given a slight bull nose adding detail and a hint at tradition.

Individually blacksmith made balustrade uprights of forged, formed steel, were given mirror polished highlights which glint in the sun from the south facing windows and feature chandelier.

The same balustrade and handrail was continued seamlessly along landing edges and on the secondary staircases (basement to first and first to second) where, after some inspirational CAD re-design work on landings, we were able to clad the existing concrete structures.

To obtain a guide price for your own staircase or balustrade based around this design or using similar materials, please quote ref 3502.
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