Curved Stair with Aged Bronze Balustrade

>Curved Stair with Aged Bronze Balustrade
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Curved Stair with Aged Bronze Balustrade

Simple and Elegant Aged Bronze Balustrade

Our brief came from the client and their interiors team.

The clients' inspiration for the aged bronze staircase design was an ornate balustrade image seen in a magazine. As the concept design progressed, it was clear that something simpler would be more suitable.

Aged, bronzed ironmongery features throughout the new build property. Bisca's design intent reflects this, with a contemporary twist supplied by the handrail.The ornate design chosen by the clients was not possible on a steep staircase. We provided several options for the plan of the stair - the clients chose a curved option providing easy access to adjacent rooms.

The balustrade takes inspiration from the ornate image, yet in a simplified form. Using pairs of uprights, we created non-uniform uniformity! The uprights are forged, bronzed and individually aged. A black, polished handrail sweeps along the landing, down the stair and into a feature newel. The contemporary newel suits the style of the balustrade and other areas of the property.

Bisca included the design of the under stairs cupboard in the design. A concealed door set into the curved wall provides access. Aged bronzed stair-rods and brackets, matching the uprights also supplied by Bisca.

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