Feature Helical Staircase, London

>Feature Helical Staircase, London
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Feature Helical Staircase, London

A challenging project to design a bespoke feature helical staircase rising through five flights from lower ground floor level to raised first floor level in a North London property.

The stair structure of mild steel rises from lower ground floor to raised first floor, including landing edge extensions, creating a continuous elliptical plan.

Continuous hardwood treads and risers are teamed with curved glass panels, invisibly fixed into the stringers, whilst matching handrails cap the glass without the need for ugly fixings.

Plasterboard soffits are fitted to the underside of the entire structure, thus ensuring the view up is as mind-blowing as the view down.

To obtain a guide price for your own staircase or balustrade project based on, or containing elements of this staircase or balustrade design, please quote staircase 3103.
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