Feature Helical Staircases, Dorset

>Feature Helical Staircases, Dorset
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Feature Helical Staircases, Dorset

Feature Helical Staircase make grand statement

Awesome feature helical staircases taking pride of place in a Dorset new-build.

White plastered soffits over 3 floors contrast with dark timber and gleaming uprights. The balustrade is of slim polished stainless steel uprights and dark Havana leather handrails. Continuous treads and risers of American dark Walnut create a zig-zag pattern when approached from the side.

The architect contacted Bisca at the very start of the project. Working together as part of the project team, it was possible to make the space work for the staircase and, the staircase work for the space, the property and ultimately for the family who were to live in it.

For a guide price for a staircase based around the style and materials used in this stair design, please quote ref 1871.
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