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>Feature Stair Design, Cambridge
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Feature Stair Design, Cambridge

Walnut Feature Stair

Our brief was to create a feature stair design and landing gallery with elements of stainless steel, walnut and leather.

Our proposal was a dynamic flowing helical stair, rising anti-clockwise from ground to first Floor. Continuous walnut treads and risers extend slightly beyond the stringers to give a zig-zag effect. This is especially striking when approaching from the side.

Balustrade around the stairwell and along both sides of the stair follows a consistent design of satin finished stainless steel uprights supporting a leather clad handrail.

The handrail, starting from one side of the stair, around the landing and back down the opposite side of the stair, forms a complete continuous loop.

This staircase is very popular and has been featured in many editorial articles.

To obtain a price for a statement feature stair design, based around this project please mention reference 2005.
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