Garden Balustrades, Newcastle

>Garden Balustrades, Newcastle
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Garden Balustrades, Newcastle

Forged and Glass External Garden Balustrades

Our clients have a lovely garden in Newcastle, with "The Devils Burn" running through it. At various points in the garden, bridges made from old railway sleepers provide access over the stream.

We were commissioned to design handrails and balustrades to protect these bridges. The brief was organic, natural, flowing, to fit with the feel of the garden and water.

The organic nature of the garden is reflected in the handrail design. Forged steel features flare the bridge entrances, seemingly growing from the earth. We used low iron glass panels over the widths of the stream. Their vertical curved edges blend into the natural surroundings, giving the effect of stretched canvas.

Profiled oak handrails cap the sections of glass cross the water. These allow an an opportunity to pause, reflect and enjoy the garden.

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