Helical Oak Staircase, Lake District

>Helical Oak Staircase, Lake District
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Helical Oak Staircase, Lake District

A curved helical oak staircase with landing balustrade designed to be a feature in the grand entrance hall of this new build property in the Lake District.

The staircase is against a curved wall and reflects the curve of the landing edges which allow the balustrade to flow elegantly. Materials used in the property are organic and natural, so it was important to the clients that our staircase design fit aesthetically with pale oak floor finishes and feature traditional Lakeland dry stone walling – inside and outside the property.

The treads are solid oak with open risers to retain a flow of light throughout the open plan ground floor space. The overhang of the nose has been increased to maintain the feeling of solidity without introducing a riser. A smooth flowing plastered soffit enhances the underside of the staircase.

The handrail rises from the ground floor through an organically flowing solid oak newel, transitioning from a round section to an elliptical section which continues up the stair and onto the landing.  Uprights are forged and formed stainless steel with a feature point curving across the landings.

This was one of our favourite projects, not least because the clients were very involved and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

For a guide price for a helical stair, or a staircase or balustrade based on this design, please quote ref 3205.
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