Multi Flight Cantilever Staircase, London W8

>Multi Flight Cantilever Staircase, London W8
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Multi Flight Cantilever Staircase, London W8

Multi flight cantilever staircase as a stair renovation project in Kensington.

Bisca opened up the entire stair space from ground to third floor, repositioning landings and creating an open void through the triple height space.

We also increased the width of the stair to 800mm, which was significantly wider and more comfortable than the old staircases had been.

Treads and risers of satin finished European Oak are supported on exposed white painted stringers positioned beneath the stairs. The stringers are set back to give a semi-cantilever appearance, without the cost of a full cantilever.

The balustrade is formed from clear toughened low iron glass panels and a pale oak handrail running continuously from ground to third.

To obtain a guide price for a design based on this staircase or balustrade, please mention project 2011
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