New Staircase for Listed Property, Northumberland

>New Staircase for Listed Property, Northumberland
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New Staircase for Listed Property, Northumberland

New staircase for listed building in Northumberland.

The stair structure itself is subtlety conventional in appearance for integration into the existing style and period of the listed property. The contemporary glass balustrade maximises light transfer from first floor down to ground, imparting an illusion of greater space.

A slim, elegant, curvaceous and visually lightweight steel structure supports oiled English Oak treads and a hand carved oak handrail.

Our before and after section contains photographs of the old and new staircase in this property. The transformation is absolutely amazing.

Lighting was added under the soffit to brighten the area and to create a calm, light room in which to sit and read or relax. For a guide price for a staircase based around this design please mention 3867 or Clock Tower Stair.
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