Refurbished Staircase, Manchester

>Refurbished Staircase, Manchester
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Refurbished Staircase, Manchester

A different slant on a refurbished staircase

Our refurbished staircase transformed the entrance hall of a multi-story Victorian property.

The existing handrail was retained due to the fantastic curves in the upper flight. Unfortunately, at the foot, clunky dark timber newels cluttered the space.

At the foot, we removed all the original timber newel posts. On one side we fitted a laminated fin-glass balustrade and white painted clad panel. On the other a curved glass panel with a new handrail, integrated into the existing one.

All treads are finished with oak and glass balustrades slot into them. Oak treads and risers on the lower flight give way to oak treads and painted risers as the stair climbs to 2nd floor.

We refurbished the original handrail which now sits on the new glass balustrade.

Worthy of note with this project was the fact the staircase was slightly off-kilter. Common in a lot of older properties, our designers had to work this into the equation.

To see before pictures of this staircase please see our before and after section of the website.
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