Scrollwork Balustrade, Yorkshire

>Scrollwork Balustrade, Yorkshire
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Scrollwork Balustrade, Yorkshire

Scrollwork balustrade design on stone staircase. Crafted in the Bisca forge, this ornate, classic balustrade design is of hammered steel with a specialist mill scale paint finish.

Because the paint finish is applied after forging, this type of finish can be cool or warm according to your preferences. The stippled paint finish on this particular design was painstaking applied by hand in several layers, over the duration of a week, to obtain the depth of tone required.

This balustrade is deceptively simple to look at, but the difference really is in the detail, due to the sheer amout of hours taken to perfect. It is finished by a polished pale oak handrail flowing the length of the staircase and along the landing gallery.

For a price for a balustrade based on this design please mention reference 1986.
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