Stone Cantilever Staircase, Glasgow

>Stone Cantilever Staircase, Glasgow
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Stone Cantilever Staircase, Glasgow

Stone cantilever staircase in entrance hall of a new build

Our clients asked us to design a stone cantilever staircase and matching landing balustrade for the entrance hall of a new build property on the outskirts of Glasgow. They wanted Limestone treads and also liked the combination of natural stone with hand forged uprights and leather handrail. The staircase had to be timeless, contemporary and, in addition, be comfortable to ascend and descend.

Bisca's design featured blocks of limestone extending from the wall, neatly interlocked and rising up to the first floor gallery. We designed the lower two treads of the staircase to extend slightly further away from the wall. This small but important design detail creates a wider and also a more dramatic start to the staircase.

On the underside of the stair, the limestone treads form a smooth sweep of stone, from which natural daylight through the glass sliding doors is reflected back into the room.

At the foot of the staircase sits a helical, hand forged and textured stainless steel newel. We spliced the steel of the newel seamlessly into the leather handrail which travels up and around the landing edges.

The handrail is supported by individually hand-forged uprights with a subtle form at the top, which adds detail to the balustrade and also increases the useable width of the stair at the handrail. All connections into the stone are neatly finished with small steel bezels.

A curved extension to the gallery balances the stair and entrance space. Bisca finished the gallery edges with a matching stone nosing resulting in an aesthetic link with the staircase.

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