replacement stair design

Replacing the whole staircase in your home is not something you want to do more than once. With careful planning this process can be as simple as replacing a bathroom or kitchen – the only difference being a staircase is part of the architecture and will not be ripped out and replaced in a few years’ time as is often the case with kitchens.

Replacement feature staircases are typically commissioned by homeowners as part of a complete property restoration project, or those wishing to update the hall, lobby or staircase area. Bisca will visit your property and view the space, the aesthetics of your home, how it functions and discuss some options with you before embarking on a concept design for your new staircase.

Visit our before and after section to see for yourself how a Bisca staircase can transform your home.

Acknowledged as staircase specialists for listed buildings or period properties, Bisca’s approach is to design and build with the same care and attention to detail employed by the original craftsmen. Executed properly the staircase will update the property and see it confidently through generations to come.

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