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Shippon Barn Staircase Featured in Homify

Bisca’s Shippon Barn Staircase has been featured in the Portuguese edition of Homify’s lastest e-newsletter.

This particular staircase design won the Build It Awards for Best Joinery Product last year and also the Best Product Design at Northern Design Awards.

The following is an extract from the lovely testimonial received from the client.  It really underpins how Bisca differ from other “bespoke staircase manufacturers” in that we don’t ever use off the shelf or kit components and every staircase is 100% unique.

“Richard had understood my vision; he stood for some time in a dark, filthy cowshed and absorbed the feel and potential of the space. He dwelt on the characteristics of a beam that bounded the stairwell area and made its natural curve the starting point of his design.

This crooked old beam, full of woodworm, studded with rusty ironwork and with patches of bark still adherent after hundreds of years, is now at the heart of a stunning helical staircase built from huge chunks of characterful English oak adorned with hand forged iron; the sympathetic juxtaposition of old and new is to our minds perfect”