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Staircase Budgets – Spending Wisely

Spending staircase budgets wisely and in context with other areas is worth some consideration before you go ahead and order your dream kitchen. Your kitchen or bathroom will probably be ripped out and replaced as fashions change. Your staircase, on the other hand, is an architectural feature and should be designed for the lifetime of a property.

The staircase featured in this Build It Article is one that has appeared many times in editorial and is often mentioned as being inspirational by our clients.

The helical stair design creates an outstanding feature in the ground floor space. A white plastered soffit supports Chunky Oak treads. Leather clad handrails are set on forged, formed and gently curving uprights.

The feature forged newel splices neatly into the leather clad handrail.

For information on this project please quote 1943.