Spiral Stair Alternative

Spiral stair alternative for a compact barn entrance.

For some people a spiral stair is too awkward to use on a daily basis. To make the most of every inch of this barn entrance our spiral stair alternative is a tight helical. Flamed Oak treads look like sleepers, but without the risks associated with creosote. A brushed steel central spine supports the treads and a balustrade of ultra slim uprights is capped with a sweeping steel handrail.

This staircase design is one of our earlier installations, from the days of slide film. Unfortunately, this means that we only have 1 image remaining of this gorgeous stair in our library.

For a guide price for a staircase based around the style and materials used in this design, please quote ref 1209.

Note: Since 30 June 2003, an EU directive has made the use of railways sleepers for stair treads illegal. It is NOT illegal for the railways or suppliers to sell timber coated with creosote. It IS illegal to use those timbers in a variety of ways, timber in domestic dwellings being one of them.

A very similar effect can be achieved by the use of flamed oak – something we offer to everyone wanting the look of sleepers.

A staircase made from creosoted railway sleeper treads will not pass building regulations.

Project ID: 1209