Team Bisca @ Yorkshire Warrior

Stair Training Pays Off for Yorkshire Warrior 2016

All the running up and down stairs obviously helped the Bisca team during their training for Yorkshire Warrior.

The team successfully completed the 10 mile race in just over 2 hours on a day of sunshine, sleet, more sunshine and mud. Lots of mud.

During the course in Harrogate they had to navigate over 30 obstacles ranging from a gruelling 800m dark tunnel, extreme ice bath, formidable scaffolding towers and deep water that certainly not of Spa quality.

Richard volunteered to wear a head-cam that captured the whole experience – one we are going to save for our end of year pre-Christmas Lunch party; hopefully it won’t bring back too many painful memories and flashbacks.

Next year there is even a rumour that the Bisca ladies are going to take up the Yorkshire Warrior gauntlet.