Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Bisca are dedicated to design and operations that foster a sustainable future.

In addition to procuring and promoting the use of environmentally friendly products, we strive to go beyond our statutory obligations to be a good neighbour and minimise our impact on the environment.

Bisca have identified seven critical areas through which environmental sustainability shall be approached.

1. Sustainable procurement & design considerations

Design, specify, procure and promote the use of environmentally friendly products and techniques where possible and appropriate; embedding sustainability and life-cycle considerations into all purchasing decisions.

  • Bisca expects its key suppliers to follow the Corporate Code of Ethics published by CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply)
  • Promote the use of local supply networks
  • Promote the use of locally sourced stone
  • Promote the use of recycled timber in our staircase designs
  • Bisca branded uniform from recycled clothing

2. Waste management

Promote the reuse, segregation and recycling of waste site-wide.

  • Recycling of paper, plastics & office consumables
  • Site waste recycled
  • Recycling of all redundant metal
  • Disposal of obsolete IT and electronic equipment to WEEE regulations
  • Sausage-cartridges’ used for adhesives where possible; 96% less waste than standard plastic cartridges
  • Requesting all suppliers reduce their single use packaging with Bisca deliveries

3. Energy & carbon management

Encourage energy-efficient practices and investment in reducing carbon emissions; seeking to minimise energy consumption in our offices and workshops.

  • Installation of a Wood Pellet Boiler to heat premises using greener energy and reducing our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels
  • UK sourced wood pellets to fuel boiler www.land-energy.com
  • Installation of solar photovoltaic panels to supplement our energy demands
  • Use 100% renewable electricity where energy demand is higher than the solar photovoltaic panels system can provide www.eonenergy.com/business.html
  • In 2021 279 trees were planted in the local area to help to offset our carbon impact and 250.4metres of mixed native hedging reinstated
  • Turning off all display equipment at evenings and weekends

4. Emissions & discharge

Putting in place appropriate controls to prevent pollution and work to reduce where practicable emissions and discharges to air, land and water.

  • Maintain company vehicles and combustion driven plant to achieve efficient operation and to minimise harmful emissions
  • Disposal of potentially hazardous waste through licensed carriers to licensed processing or disposal centres
  • Switching to water based paints where possible
  • Switching from plastic based single use packing products to reusable and more environmentally friendly alternatives e.g. packing blankets and reusable straps in place of pallet-wrap, paper based tape

5. Sustainable travel

Reducing emissions from work-related travel and Bisca owned vehicles.

  • Implemented an electric vehicle roll-out
  • Provide solar powered electric vehicle chargers to staff
  • Minimise business-related travel – all meetings held virtually unless site attendance necessary
  • Promote the use of public transport where possible
  • Shared travel/commuting wherever practicable and cost-effective
  • Whenever practically possible office-based staff to work from home and reduce commute/travel

6. Community

  • Support the community in which we operate through charitable donations & sponsorship
  • Established workshop apprentice scheme
  • Work with local schools & colleges taking on work experience students
  • Working with universities to develop relationships leading to student access to employer panels, placements and internship opportunities

7. Management & control

Provide employees, via induction and through training, with an understanding of this Environmental & Sustainability Policy and their responsibilities in controlling and improving environmental performance.

  • Annually review the policy to ensure continued suitability
  • Collate supplier information, every two years regarding their Health & Safety, Environment and Sustainability Policy
  • Measure and understand our carbon footprint to identify and encourage activities that will help to reduce it

In summary, Bisca will manage its environmental responsibilities through direct cooperation between the Managing Director and employees.

The Directors will review this policy annually to ensure it is effective and adhered to.