Staircase Ideas – Which Materials Work Best?

At Bisca, the range of staircase ideas we put forward to a new client will not be dictated by the materials we have available. In fact, we have never limited our creativity by the range of staircase materials we will work with; we select each material bespoke to a project – although we are admittedly quite picky when it comes to sourcing them!

When selecting the right staircase materials, we are largely influenced by three primary factors as below:

As the design process takes shape, material preferences are discussed in depth with each client. We will consider the practical and structural needs of the staircase, its functionality and also the characteristics of the space that surround it. Depending on the most suitable options, our design engineers will work closely with the craftsmen in our workshop to specify materials, finishing touches and present bespoke samples where appropriate.

We would encourage you to visit our studio and workshop in Helmsley, North Yorkshire – where you can view the full range of staircase materials within our portfolio and take a tour around our dedicated workshop premises to watch our skilled craftsmen at work.

Limitless Staircase Ideas Without Boundary

When it comes to materials – what really makes Bisca unique is our capacity to push the boundaries, allowing us to achieve a truly unique work-of-art.

From curved and structural glass, to reclaimed green oak and hand-forged steel or cast iron… the materials we have used should give you all the staircase ideas you need, to create a staircase that you will enjoy for years to come:

Click below to view how we have used each material in a range of different projects: