Staircase Quality Control & Standards at Bisca

Quality is ingrained in Bisca’s staircase heritage and is intrinsic to the exceptional results we achieve. We are flattered to have been invited to design and craft staircases for some of the UK’s most exquisite homes – and to date boast an undisputed reputation with a 100% client satisfaction rate.

Our feedback process is crucial to us learning from each project and continuing to enhance the value that we offer – with the majority of our clients stating that we don’t just ‘meet’, but that we in fact ‘exceed’ their expectations.

All of our guests say ‘Wow’ when they enter our home. We are more than happy to say that our staircase has exceeded our expectations!

Bisca’s quality standards inspire the staircases we create

Bisca’s quality processes are stringently managed throughout the duration of each staircase project. In particular, we will undertake regular assessments to check that your staircase is meeting the approved specification both aesthetically, technically and in terms of the level of service and values our team offers. Each member of staff plays their own role in bringing your staircase to life, from procuring materials and surveying your building, to designing and handcrafting each component here in our dedicated workshop.

We are not happy until our after-care review is complete and we know we’ve fulfilled our customer promise to you.

“Our staircase is stunningly beautiful, with striking, quality craftsmanship.”

Bisca’s staircases radiate quality… every step of the way

If there’s a way to improve, we will find it, and we will do it. We offer a rigorous training programme which inspires our people to perform to their full potential and push quality to new heights. Everybody is accountable at Bisca and together, we strive for perfection.

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