Staircase Installation

Your staircase installation is the time when your dream finally becomes a reality – the stage we and you are probably most looking forward to! Whilst this phase requires precision planning and an immense amount of skill from our craftspeople, we have learnt there are other factors which are critical to us meeting all of your expectations.

Your installation team will be experienced in dealing with customers face to face – they understand the value of being polite and the implications of being in your home. It’s the little things they do that make a difference, such as taking pride in leaving a tidy space at the end of each day and communicating regularly to minimise disruption as much as possible.

When Does Installation Begin?

Whilst staircase installation falls at the end of our process; its planning actually commences at the very beginning. Our staircase design engineers consider your installation when initial concept designs are first developed. A detailed digital survey is typically undertaken during the design stage to ascertain key metrics and structural considerations – this ensures the installation process can be completed efficiently and that building regulations are upheld.

In fact, when a staircase is finally installed by Bisca, it will already have been built twice previously; the first time virtually using our 3D design software; and secondly on-site in our workshop as it is manufactured. At the final stage where it is physically installed in your home, we couldn’t be more prepared for what is involved.

Achieving The Perfect Finish

Bisca strives for perfection every time. Installation sequencing is a big part of us achieving this and is one of the most complex, yet essential elements of what we do. Prior to arriving at your property, sequencing will have anticipated and resolved any possible challenges before they occur; establishing how materials will be lifted into their final position; considering the accessibility of the property and internal spaces; and formulating the order in which the staircase structure will be built.

This requires input from all members of your project team, including design and manufacturing leaders at Bisca, who will work in close collaboration with other partners involved on site. As a result, we can offer you complete assurance that your finished commission will be flawless and will withstand the closest inspection on completion.


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