Welcome Interior Designers

As an interior designer, you will inspire beautiful aesthetics within your client’s home. So here lies the reason why Bisca and interior designers work so well together! Whether you work on projects which coordinate all internal aspects of a home, from cushions and wallpaper, to staircases and lighting – or you’re more into spatial design and the practicalities and functionality of a home’s layout – we are sure to have already worked successfully with somebody like you.

How We Work With Interior Designers

Whilst sometimes we’re working from an architect’s plans and others within a physical environment; the first stages of our staircase design process always examines in detail, the potential of the surrounding space – as well as the character, interior scheme, colours and ideas for furnishing throughout the property. We want to ensure the interior of the property flows and every finishing touch integrates with the vision you bring to the project.

Here’s a quote from an interior designer we have worked with…

From the initial phone call with Bisca, I knew they understood my vision for the property and the important role the staircase would play in achieving this. The thorough sampling process ensured the timber and upright tones married into the finishes elsewhere.. Bisca robustly planned the installation, and the staircase was installed hassle-free. The team were approachable and very friendly. A FABULOUS company to work alongside!

Jacqueline Cornforth Interiors, Project 5510

The joy of working with Bisca is that we can fit in to work seamlessly with the skills that you offer. Through combining your unique creative flair with our years of passion for staircase design and expert craftmanship, we will together bring to life a truly stunning home for our shared client to enjoy.

Ready To Find Out More?

We know from experience that the earlier we collaborate and share ideas with an interior designer, the more impressive the end result will be. Should you be interested in working with Bisca, it’s important to consider our lead time; currently demand is high and so to avoid disappointment it is better to discuss your project with us sooner rather than later…

To discuss your project, please contact us on 01439 771 702 ∣ staircase@bisca.co.uk, or click below to find out more:

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