Our Customer Promise

A Bisca Client deserves nothing less than a Bisca Promise.

Giving our absolute commitment to every client or partner to meet the highest possible standards is integral to Bisca’s culture. It is the driving force behind the positive feedback we continue to receive. Below we have set out the values we promise to uphold, which will assure you of what you can expect when working with us:


Bisca is proud to have built one of the most skilled and diligent teams of people in the staircase industry and we champion their personal and professional development, so that we can continue to push the boundaries for creating the most beautiful and unique staircases possible.

Bisca strive to achieve the most exceptional quality throughout every stage of the process, from concept design, sourcing materials and craftmanship, to the final installation and after-care of your staircase.

Every staircase we design is 100% bespoke – it is about you, your property and your preferences. Bisca will provide a professional and honest service, working hand in hand with each client and your chosen project team to create the staircase of your dreams.

Our people are Bisca’s most valuable asset – highly skilled, qualified and so dedicated to meeting customer’s expectations – we commit to look after and reward each of them in return for their outstanding efforts.

Our business is driven by an ethos centred around environmental sustainability, placing a strong focus on sourcing materials responsibly, upcycling and creating strong partnerships with suppliers who share our values.

It is our duty to add value to your commission. By combining skilful design with exceptional craftmanship, Bisca transforms staircases into architectural masterpieces which offer longevity and value for money.

All aspects of your staircase including materials, finishes and interfaces are intricately considered by our expert design team, before being transformed by our craftsmen into a beautiful hand-finished commission. Your staircase will bear testimony to the passion and meticulous care involved in its creation.

Your property is unique and Bisca’s design engineers will explore the full potential of your space, using an unrestricted range of materials to seamlessly integrate your staircase into its surroundings. Anything is possible

Bisca’s unique approach to design pushes the boundaries of material interfaces – selecting only premium quality, sustainably sourced materials that are right for your commission, without limitation.

The project process is defined by a detailed scope with agreed timeframes from the outset. This is overseen by a dedicated Project Lead at Bisca who is experienced in working with multi-functional teams including both architects, interior designers, structural engineers and contractors.

Throughout your commission, Bisca will retain project cohesion by communicating regularly and responding promptly both in writing, verbally and face to face with yourself (the client) and the extended project team, to assure a smooth and seamless installation.

Bisca’s staff display the utmost respect for your property whilst on site, ensuring their workspace is cleaned at the end of each day and each client’s circumstances are considered whilst work is underway.

Once your installation has been completed, Bisca makes follow up contact with every customer and will gladly advise on maintaining your staircase thereafter. Each Bisca commission is endorsed with a standard five year warranty.