Our Staircase Procurement Planning Process

At Bisca, we set high expectations of ourselves and are proud to lead the way in terms of the standards, expertise and values we commit to uphold for our clients in our staircase procurement and planning stages. This couldn’t be achieved without the careful selection of like-minded partners and suppliers with whom we work with.

Many of our clients distinguish Bisca by our ability to offer an end-to-end staircase solution under one roof – including expert design, crafting, installation and after-care services. We have a dedicated purchasing team in-house who have devised a planning process to source and procure services and materials, which ensures that the unique range of skills we offer is not compromised and a cultural and ethical fit with the partners we select is maintained.

How We Select Our Partners & Suppliers When Planning Staircase Procurement

It has taken nearly 30 years to source an enviable network of affiliates who meet our expectations. We have identified a range of parameters used to assess if a supplier or partner will serve to enhance what Bisca offers in-house encompassing:

Quality ∣ Price ∣ Lead-time ∣ Reliability ∣ Environmental Commitment ∣ Location

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With every staircase project being unique to the property it is designed for, we are constantly expanding and reviewing our network of suppliers to fulfill client aspirations. Time and effort are invested to source materials and components that suit each staircase commission’s individual specification, with samples being obtained and rigorously quality checked before a purchase is made.

If you would like to discuss your staircase project or how we plan procurement, please contact us. Alternatively, to find out more about what makes Bisca different, please click below…