Project: 4472 Hale

4472 (After) - Bisca After
4472 (Before) - Bisca Before

Staircase Refurbishment

Our clients had embarked on an ambitious project to totally restore and update a substantial 1960’s suburban villa in leafy backstreets of a city.

They were happy with the overall shape of the staircase which was structurally sound but wished to replace the traditional, outdated and heavy dark stained wood which formed the balustrade and landing gallery.

During our survey we discovered the bottom three treads were non compliant with building regulations but saw this as an opportunity to both solve the compliance issue and create a beautiful new feature base to the staircase.

The stair was totally re clad in pale Oak and finished with a hand forged, blackened ornate balustrade which continues up the staircase and along the landing edges. The balustrade is capped by a hand carved oak handrail with a scroll end. For more info mention project 4472 or to see it in our gallery click here