Project: 5047 Buckinghamshire

After 5047 Floating Ash Staircase Buckinghamshire After
Old dilapidated staircase dark spindles Before

Staircase Replacement

A floating ash staircase replacing a traditional timber stair in a 1930’s property.

Despite renovating every room in the house, the hallway remained dark and oppressive. The staircase, at odds with the new ash flooring, absorbed light and looked dated.

Our design proposed a floating staircase to maximise light flow. Slim open treads of ash teamed with low iron glass gives a contemporary clean look. At the top of the staircase, we suspended the top three treads between two glass panels, thus giving a floating effect.

By extending the new staircase future towards the window, the going is a little easier. Adding a winder onto the bottom of the stair length turned the staircase and made it easier to get on and off.

Upstairs the difference is as dramatic. Dark, chunky newel posts and spindles have been replaced with a sleek glass balustrade, letting through light and making the landing area look instantly bigger and brighter.

The staircase transformed the hallway and made the property renovation complete. For more information please quote reference 5047 or see the staircase in our gallery.