Project: 3826 Devon

3826 (After) - Bisca After
3826 (Before) - Bisca Before

Staircase Replacement

This stunning staircase in a converted barn won both Build It Award for Best Joinery Product and Northern Design Awards for Product Design in 2015

The client called us in after scouring the internet to find a staircase specialist that offered truly bespoke staircases as she wanted a staircase that would be a sculptural masterpiece of both form and function.

The staircase, in a converted cow byre (Shippon), is of green oak and was inspired by the mediaeval beams in the existing building. Great care was taken in design, material sourcing and installation to ensure the staircase is in empathy with the building in every aspect. We skilfully interfaced new and old timber joists and managed to design hidden support what was essentially a ‘rubble and fill wall’.

On the first floor the staircase leads to a bridge and study gallery with glass balustrade and leather handrail to match that of the staircase. Mention project 3826 or see it in our gallery.