Bespoke Multi Flight Staircase, Leeds

A bespoke multi flight staircase with central spine in a family home.

Spine staircases are currently enjoying a bit of a comeback. They are a popular choice for a contemporary look and, done well*, look fabulous.

The spine is of hand finished brushed and polished stainless steel. Solid oak treads and half landings support a low iron glass balustrade. The combination of open treads and clear glass gives greatest light throughput.

A continuous handrail travels from basement kitchen up thorough 6 flights. Revisiting the property 3 years later, the leather handrail remains in tip top condition. This despite, or rather because of, hand contact by a family of 6!

*When considering a centre spine, you need to think about the design aspect. Many fabricators offer this type of staircase, but may pay scant attention to finish. A Bisca staircase is beautiful to look at and touch all round. Tread fixings, welding aesthetics, and how it looks close up is important to a good design.

To get more information on a central spine staircase or bespoke multi flight staircase, please reference 2162.

Project ID: 2162

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