Feature Helical Staircase, Yorkshire Dales

A feature helical staircase for a Yorkshire new build.

Our clients asked us for a curved sculptural staircase to enhance their hallway.

The design process started by exploring the available space and how it’s used.

Considering practicalities of family living, our layout put the foot of the stair closer to the main living space than originally drawn on the architects plan.

Turning the stair back on itself through 180 degrees, creates a fluid and sculptural feel. It also allowed the stair to meet the landing in a similar position to the architect’s original plan.

The staircase features chunky oak treads supported on a free-floating helical spine. The colour of the spine matches the interior scheme.

Stainless steel uprights, made by our Blacksmith, curve outwards rising from the treads. An oval handrail is clad in tan leather and follows the form of the staircase, twisting into a feature newel as it meets the floor.

Speak to us about a design for your own feature helical staircase and quote reference 6707.

Project ID: 6707

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