Flamed Oak Cantilever, Yorkshire

A cantilevered staircase of flamed oak treads and blacksmith crafted balustrade.

The staircase takes pride of place in a double height, open plan space in a Yorkshire property. The interior is an eclectic mixture of comfortable family furniture, antiques and artwork.

Treads of reclaimed oak have been given a flamed oak effect which highlights the grain and creates visual interest.

Bisca’s blacksmiths crafted the uprights from forged stainless steel. Uprights have a gentle curve at the top where they meet the handrail. As a result, the usable width of the staircase increases. Each upright is textured, blackened and polished by hand. Our famous attention to detail is evident in the upright tips appearing as mirrored studs on the underside of each tread.

The handrail is hand stitched dark Havana leather, terminating in Bisca’s signature newel at the foot of the stair.

For more information on this staircase please mention reference 7129.

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Project ID: 7129

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