Floating Ash Staircase, Buckinghamshire

Floating Ash Staircase Replacement.

A floating ash staircase replacing a traditional timber stair in a 1930’s property.

Despite renovating every room in the house, the hallway remained dark and oppressive. The staircase, at odds with the new ash flooring, absorbed light and looked dated.

Our design proposed a floating staircase to maximise light flow. Slim open treads of ash teamed with low iron glass gives a contemporary clean look. At the top of the staircase, we suspended the top three treads between two glass panels, thus giving a floating effect.

By extending the new staircase future towards the window, the going is a little easier. Swapping the current 3-winder arrangement for 2 winders eases the transition onto the stair.

A circular profile stainless steel handrail sits onto the glass for a fixing free finish. At the foot of the stair the handrail sweeps into a forged and tapered newel before plunging into the ground.

This staircase also features in our before and after section.

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Project ID: 5047

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