Forged Balustrade, West Yorkshire

A forged balustrade inspired by Georgian design.

This project was more of a full staircase renovation than a forged balustrade by itself.

The layout and condition of the original staircase was acceptable. The original white painted balustrade looked dated and not in keeping with the rest of the house.

Inspired by Georgian design, our client asked us to design a new balustrade that updated the staircase.

Clever design introduced curves to an original “squared” landing. These, in turn, allowed sweeping transitions in the handrail.

Our unique design features uprights of burnished steel with antique brass details. A new plinth at the foot takes up less space and creates a more inviting entrance to the staircase as well as elegance.

New oak tread and riser fascia – matching the existing floor – give a hardwood timber finish from head to foot.

A forged balustrade from Bisca is hand made by our Blacksmith. To discuss options for your own unique design talk to one of our sales team.

This project is also in our before and after section.

Project ID: 7060

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