Minimalist Centre Spine Stair, Birmingham

Steel Centre Spine Stair for Contemporary Apartment

A staircase for an penthouse apartment, between the 6th & 7th floors.

The staircase makes the most of the space available, whilst a stainless steel handrail focuses the eye on the curves. Viewed from all aspect, the finish is flawless.

The structure is a single, structural, steel stringer with a true helical form – totally circular when viewed in plan. The stringer complements the existing colours in the space.

Slimmed down Ash treads are stained grey to match floor tiles and keep the monochromatic feel to the room.

The handrail transitions seamlessly into the the glass balustrade at the top of the stair. For more information on this centre spine stair please reference 5565.

Project ID: 5565

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