Modern Kitchen Stair with Under Stair Storage, Bristol

Form follows function with this modern kitchen staircase. With space at a premium, this staircase needed to provide comfort of use, storage and further enhance the contemporary make-over of this Bristol home.

A crisp, contemporary, modern kitchen staircase, aligning seamlessly with our client’s property at every connection. The view from the hallway sees a square-edged zig-zag stair with a storage cupboard below, set back below to give the appearance of a cantilevered stair. As the stair rises, it cuts through the kitchen wall with an exposed zig-zag soffit, seemingly suspended from the ceiling.

A glass balustrade guards the stairs in front of the kitchen door. It is capped with a round profile leather handrail, continuing up the staircase before curving back on itself onto the landing edge glass balustrade. The end of the handrail remains free floating from the wall for a clean, crisp finish.

Concept development for a modern kitchen staircase

Bisca maximised the comfort within the space available. Our client wanted to retain the storage below the staircase, but liked the idea of this being set-back from view. We reviewed several options with the client during concept design. Their preference leaned towards flush-finished storage with shadow-gap details that were reflected throughout the staircase. There are shadow gaps above and below the treads and risers for the ultimate contemporary detailing as they interface with the plastered wall finish.

Here’s what our Senior Designer had to say…

The size of the space meant every millimetre counted, using shadow gaps and zig-zag treads with flush finishes to walls got the most out of the space. In many respects, the space defined the aesthetic. As there wasn’t the depth for a visible support structure as it crossed the external door in the kitchen, making a feature from the structure itself became a natural design detail to progress

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Photography – provided by private client

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