Period Timber Framed Property Stair, Surrey

Staircase in Elizabethan Timber Framed Property

The property is timber framed and dates back to Elizabethan times. An extension increasing the living space required a new staircase and landing balustrade.

Our clients liked the look of thick treads and forged uprights in a design combining contemporary with traditional. Interfaces between old and new were crucial to the success of this design.

The design is a contemporary cantilever with elements of oak and forged steel. The design of the open treads is such that they feel secure and closed in use. The bottom treads flare out into the living space, bringing the stair into the room.

Raw iron uprights, forged, tapered and burnished by Bisca’s blacksmith, form the balustrade which continues up the stairs and along a landing gallery. A handrail of burnished steel sweeps down to the floor in a signature newel.

The end result is a new staircase in a 400 year old timber framed property sitting in empathy with its space. Although this is a contemporary design and built using modern methods, the look and feel suits the period property.

For more information on this project, please quote reference 4502.

Bisca’s blacksmith shop houses a forge and three power hammers ranging in size. Our in-house blacksmiths work heated steel using one or more of the hammers depending on the design and finish required.

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Project ID: 4502

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