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Why choose Bisca for your bespoke staircase?

The difference is in the detail

Clients choose Bisca for many reasons; the main being the difference really is in the detail. The clever part about design is having the ability and insight to incorporate both traditional and contemporary materials into a commission that withstands the test of time. We believe anything is possible – and allow our designers complete freedom to treat each project individually, not restricting designs around a range of existing stock or common parts.

Previous clients have commented on our astonishing attention to detail and strenuous project process which sees their commission being built 3 times – at least once in virtual 3D, again in our workshop prior to despatch and finally at installation. Your finished commission will be flawless, literally, and will withstand the closest inspection.

Our own craftsmen will carry out your installation and because they are totally in tune with your project this final stage will be smooth and without fuss. Our focus remains on your project from beginning to end and we never leave installation to others.

Bisca are widely acknowledged as leading the bespoke staircase design and manufacture market. We have achieved this by refusing to accept second best in respect of materials, people, or processes. Give us a call to see how we can make a difference to your property – or call into our design studio and workshop to witness the Bisca Difference yourself.