Stairs with Carpet Runner, Leeds

Feature staircase with twisted bronze balustrade & carpet runner

A replacement staircase with carpet runner in a refurbished property. The design makes the hallway more welcoming and opens up a view to the garden beyond.

The layout and position of the new staircase maximises comfort in the space available. The result is an incredibly luxurious staircase with flared treads at the bottom and curved landing edges to the first floor.

The balustrade is a work of art and commands attention. Forged and formed organic bronze uprights are twisted into a captivating design and capped with an oval profile leather handrail. Although the staircase is straight in plan, the handrail transitions soften and add a flowing feel.

Treads and risers are Character Oak, stained to match the flooring and topped with a carpet runner. At the foot of the stair, two larger treads wind slightly, turning the exit/entrance to the stair away from the wall.

Our partners on this project were Richard Grafton Interiors.

For more information on this project or working with bronze, please mention 7626 to our sales team.

Project ID: 7626

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