Staircase Design Studio

Our design studio is equipped with the best parametric, feature based, solid modelling software available.

Exceeding expectations

It is extremely important to us that every staircase or balustrade we design is timeless and totally integrates into the character of the building, be it a commercial premises or a residential property. Our aim is always to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Difference is in the detail

Our attention to detail is legendary and evident in everything we do. From Concept Design through to Installation our Design Engineers and workshop team work closely together resolving every last detail.

Only about 60% of a typical staircase design is about the staircase itself; the other 40% is all about how it interfaces with your property.

Approved by clients at every stage

Every commission is built in 3D. Throughout the design process, your designer will be in regular contact regarding the progress of your commission. Clients are welcome to visit the design studio at any time to review progress. At the end of the Design phase all commissions will be fully detailed, down to the final thread, to the satisfaction of the client or key members of the project team.