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Staircase Design

Bisca’s staircase designers approach every staircase or balustrade design with a blank sheet of paper and an open mind. Not having to restrict themselves to creating your design around common parts or stock items, they have complete freedom to create a commission completely unique to yourself and your property.

“The measure of a great staircase or balustrade is one that fits its environment and completely integrates into the character of your property regardless of period”

From your first phone call, we will take responsibility for your new staircase or balustrade, to the final installation. We know that we won’t have to return, but we do offer a 5-year guarantee on all commissions.

Details are as important as deadlines

It’s never too early to talk to us about your staircase design. There are several parameters that cross boundaries in any project, these being materials, space, time and budget. We are fully aware of the shifting nature of a project. Walls move, thickness of cladding changes, old beams/pipes or even bats are unearthed or discovered! We will liaise with other members of your project team, for example your structural engineers, project manager, builder, interior designer etc to ensure everyone is kept up to date at all times.