A Step Towards Sustainability | Farmhouse Staircase

Farmhouse Staircase – a step towards sustainability

Featured in Homebuilding and Renovating, Bisca’s latest sustainable staircase installation was covered in their Green Homes section, showcasing how materials can be repurposed to reduce environmental impact – which was a key priority for this homeower, who was renovating a brick and stone farmhouse in the North East of England.

Whilst each Bisca staircase starts with a blank slate, making it completely unique to its owner – in this case, the client wanted to commission a statement staircase which would incorporate reclaimed materials, including a large quantity of Greenheart Timber recovered from Teeside harbour.

Inherited by this farm around 30 years ago – the dense wood which was beautifully figured and aged with a distinctive colour – would form the starting point for the staircase design.

Passionate about the environment, Bisca was perfectly matched to bring this client’s vision to life, showcasing the beauty of the timber with honesty and integrity. Located in a newly-created, triple-height entrance space, the staircase seamlessly unites the character of the original building with it’s more modern surroundings.

Project specification & gallery

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