Staircase Ideas: A Guide from Real Homes

Staircase Ideas: Are you ready to make the statement staircase you’ve always dreamed of?

Bisca was featured recently in Real Homes ‘Guide to Staircases’ which provides a range of staircase ideas and stand-out designs which each offer you the chance to add that ‘wow’ factor to your home’s entrance or hallway.

As it is often the first thing guests see when they walk into your home, the magazine rightly points out, a striking new staircase will certainly make an impression. It’s not just an opportunity to enhance the look of your home; but potentially the key to opening up a whole new level of practicality in your hallway through integrated storage, or at Bisca, we have even used this as an opportunity to adapt the layout and create more space and light.

We particularly liked Kaitlin’s top tip – advising readers to consider how you could highlight your new staircase through selecting some unique practical finishing touches. These would need to integrate with the style and period of your property and so require careful consideration. As Kaitlin advises, it would be wise to plan aspects such as lighting early on in the process, particularly if you want to incorporate it at tread level or within the wall.

At Bisca we always discuss these options and special features as early on in the staircase design process as possible, ensuring they each integrate perfectly with the overall staircase structure and character of the property. The surrounding space needs to be considered in its entirety including storage, windows, furniture, materials and the list goes on.

Whether your staircase is going to be replaced as a standalone project, or will form part of a larger renovation, Real Homes highlights there are a wealth of staircase design ideas to browse and inspire you to achieve the end result you’re looking for.

As a bespoke staircase specialist, Bisca is not limited by specific styles or materials, approaching each commission with the complete freedom to create a staircase which is as unique as yourself and your property. Placing sustainability at the heart of what we do, our staircases are designed to stand the test of time.

Here are some key points raised in the Staircase Guide from Real Homes:

Staircase Balustrades: Not only is a staircase balustrade essential for safety, it’s also a great way to personalise and add interest to your staircase. A classic design may use timber, but if you want something more contemporary, you could opt for metal, steel, brass or even glass, adding a more open feel and bringing light to the space.

Staircase Styles: If you live in a period property, you may veer towards a more traditional design; for a modern property, consider an architectural floating or cantilevered staircase; or try a spiral staircase for dramatic effect.

Staircase Materials: Choose a material that suits your space and the style of house. Timber or stone work well for any kind of home. Glass and metal finishes are also great choices for a contemporary home.

How Much Will Your Staircase Cost?

Real Homes state the wide range of prices you can be quoted for a staircase which is largely dependent on the type of supplier you select. As a bespoke staircase design company, at Bisca we understand the value that is offered by a specialist staircase manufacturer – which is largely dictated by our intricate design and crafting process, which together ensure the superior experience and high quality finish you will receive.

As highlighted in Real Homes, by using cheaper materials from off-the-shelf models, you will save money, however this won’t achieve the same wow-factor, feature staircase that would be possible from a bespoke staircase design specialist like ourselves.

Ready to get started?

Further inspiration and example projects can be found in Bisca’s staircase gallery, or please see our dedicated staircase blog for additional advice.

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