Finalists at Build It Awards 2019

Build It Awards Finalist 2019

Delighted to announce we have been shortlisted in this year’s Build It Magazine Build It Awards with our gorgeous staircase made of Chevron Parquet Treads.

The staircase, commissioned by d-raw Architects is part of a remodelling of a 19th Century Listed terrace house in central London.

The width and precise positioning of the staircase was driven to ensure that the chevrons were dead centre on the treads and aligned perfectly with the existing floor. Every material junction is fully considered, interfacing with cast uprights, glass panels and steel frames alongside the other timber edges.

The chevron detail continues along the landing edges and, where traditionally you would see straight edged nosing, cast uprights sit centrally within a narrow-chevroned edge.

Build It Awards Finalist Badge BiscaIndividual engineered boards were used from the same supply as the floor to ensure consistency. To ensure best quality of finish, all the cladding work was completed in the Bisca workshops and taken to site in one piece, with the same expert craftsman completing the site interfaces as had hand-cut each individual piece of engineered flooring for the staircase.

When cutting and building the treads and risers extreme care was taken to visually match the colours and grain as the chevrons climb the finished staircase.

The underside of the staircase is also made using the same chevron process, ensuring the stair looks as beautiful from the underside as it does from the front. The two stair layers were then fused together to create a shadow gap detail between them.

Finally, treads were routed to accept the bronzed uprights and handrail.

See more photos of this staircase here

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