An Inspirational Staircase Design, Derbyshire

This sensitive staircase design with oak staircase treads and bronze uprights, was inspired by a newly built Arts and Crafts style home

By creating a work of art, this new staircase designed and crafted by Bisca, would become a main feature, located within the central entrance hallway of an impressive new-build property in Derbyshire.

Our client commissioned a bespoke staircase design, briefing Bisca’s expert design engineers to select materials specifically suited to the space and style of property it was intended for. Prior to its construction, the architect had produced a watercolour of the new property, which would replace the family’s previous dwelling on the same site. This portrait encapsulated the client’s vision and so formed a key influence for the new staircase design concepts.

Placed centrally within the property and entrance hallway, the brief was to design and craft a new staircase which included typical features associated with the Arts and Craft movement – a simple, thoughtful design where the beauty of its natural materials would be allowed to shine through.

Running alongside a straight wall, Bisca introduced a sense of fluidity with a rounded, organic feel which included curves at the foot and the head of the staircase. The generous oak treads and white-painted risers rested on a visually lightweight steel structure, presenting a perfectly pitched balance of light and dark.

An oval-shaped oak handrail perfectly follows the curvaceous shape of the stair, topping the balustrade which is formed from hand-forged bronze uprights, in an antique finish. The newel post creates a pleasing detail, gathering a cluster of uprights which are capped by a feature bun.

Through working with the client from early in the project, Bisca provided input to the build programme, advising on the positioning of beams which would support the staircase structure. By engaging with the build early in the process, the staircase manufacture and installation were problem-free, enabling the client to achieve the most cost effective outcome.

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